About Us

We are a non-denominational faith based ministry.  We believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God and true.  We believe that there is only one way unto the Father God and that is through His Son Jesus Christ there is no other way,and believe in operating in the full gifts of the spirit.  Our calling is through the ministry of exortation with a variety of gospel music and ministering through puppets which God has used to bring many souls into the kingdom.  Our services vary in lenth as we believe in allowing the Holy Spirit to have His way.  The gift of love is the greatest gift we can operate in as we share that everywhere we go.  God has given the anointing to make all of this possible and we know that without Him and HIs  leading we could do nothing.  We believe in walking by faith and not by site and have opperated as such since 1995  totally dependant on God and donations that we recieive from those who have a heart and a vision for this type of  ministry.    God has placed us in childrens facilitys,nursing homes, flea markets,hospitals,daycare centers,the homeless,restaurants,and indian reservations which has been a vision and burden for 14 years to reach out to them.  We minister at churchs all across the U.S. through music and 3 day childrens crusades.  Along with that we distribute Bibles to those who do not own one.  Below you can read about the history of this ministry and how GOd brought about the changes in our lives that brings us to where we are today.     

 God called Lee and I into full time ministry in 1995, we both worked in Knoxville Tn. at a furniture rental company.  As Lee returned from lunch one day he was excited and said that he had to tell me something and I told him I needed to tell him something.  The out come was that God had spoke to him as well as me and said it was time to turn our 2 weeks notice and step out in faith.  Our boss had given Lee 2 tickets to the Eagles concert in Knoxville and we knew we would'nt go but took the tickets thinking we could sell them.  Long story short on labor day that year after our jobs had ended we went to a music store in Halls Tn. but it was closed.  Lee got out to look through the window and the owner of the store showed up and let us go in he ended up buying those Eagle concert tickets for 600.00 dollars and the money we put with it we walked out with the equipment we needed to get started ministering but did not know where to go.  Through prayer God showed us that He wanted us to go to campgrounds in Townsend Tn.  We left the following monday and God had booked us 6 and 7 nights a week for a whole year in one day and we have been out here every since.  There have been thousands of souls saved and we give God all the glory.  We would like to share with you all the things that God has done but it is to much to write.  It has been and still is a faith walk and we continue to grow every day as we prosper spiritually.  Please feel free to call us and we would be happy to share with you all the things that God has done and is still doing.  To show you what God can do He took me Sherry who used to be an alcoholic and intravenous drug abuser that lived a life on the streets and on the edge of life and saved me   turned my life around and called my husband and myself into full time ministry.  If He can use me He can use you.  Just be available.         God Bless!!

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